kellyHello! I’m Kelly, a Melbourne based Aussie addicted to op-shops, books and second hand hunting! On this site I share with you my favourite secondhand haunts, some fantastic finds, the vintage and handmade goods I peddle in the Seeker Shop, and just generally indulge my passion for second hand stuff.

For me, buying second hand is not simply about penny pinching and searching for something unique – it’s a lifestyle choice, a conscious, concerted effort to live more sustainably. To reduce, reuse and recycle. I don’t claim to be perfect in this quest but I am committed. The fact that there are few better pleasures than rifling through the wares of a well stocked op shop, bazaar or market stall is mere icing on this conscientious cake.

As a result of this passion my wardrobe is stocked almost entirely with op-shop clothes. From winter woolies to summer frocks, I have it all! From vintage gems to current luxury labels, if you take the time, you’ll make the finds!

My Day Job/s
I am very fortunate to be self-employed. For just over a decade now I’ve been the owner/operator of Button Brat, where I manufacture, source and sell pinback badges (among other things) on a retail and wholesale basis. My products can be found in stores and market stalls all over Australia and many parts of the world. I also take on the (very) occasional freelance WordPress work, and of course I salvage and sell vintage treasures, too.

“They Call Me The Seeker”… Do they really?
Ok, you got me! While I am well known for my op-shopping addiction, folks don’t really call me the seeker – but it is my favourite song by The Who. And given that it’s pretty hard to find a cool domain name that isn’t already taken, once I thought of the name it just kinda stuck… and I really really love The Who!

Thanks for checking out The Seeker!

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